Who Am I?

I am an investor, philanthropist, and environmentalist focused on the alignment of capital with the systems and innovations needed to support a thriving world. I am the cofounder of Teratree, on a mission to profitably finance regeneration, and am also a former Bain & Company consultant with experience in business strategy, organizational alignment, and branding. My philanthropic work continues the Rockefeller family tradition of ecological stewardship, and the Growald family’s focus on transforming finance to support climate health. I serve on the boards of the Growald Family Fund and the David Rockefeller Fund, and am an Advisor to Rockefeller Capital Management. I am a former board member of the Rockefeller Family Fund and the National Center for Family Philanthropy, and I hold a degree in Philosophy from Princeton University.

I am also a poet, philosopher, adventurer, and lover of the Wild. This list, like me, is always subject to expansion and change.

This is my personal blog–so far a very small and occasional collection of my thoughts and record of my adventures.

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